SVUSD Nutritional Guidelines

Please find a copy of the nutritional guidelines that were distributed at our last SVPTA Association Meeting.  Here are also the updates from Rikki:

I have had a few updates since that meeting from correspondence with my state representative.  They have let me know specifics on what qualifies a product as a “dairy” food or a “fruit”.  If an item has a dairy product, such as milk, as the first ingredient and meets all the other specifications (calories, fat, sodium, etc.) then it is compliant.  We have found some varieties of Fudgsicles to be compliant. Also for a frozen novelty to be considered a “fruit” it must  have fruit or fruit juice as the first ingredient or as the second ingredient if the first ingredient is water. 

 I have also spoken with schools about selling Jamba Juice.  Their product is compliant but they have been selling it in sizes that are much too large.  They are going to have to start offering an “XTRA” small size, 8 oz. versus the 16, 22, and 28 oz. ones they have been selling.