What is the Local Control Funding Formula?

The Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF) is a major restructuring
of how money goes from the State of California to school districts.
Here are some features of the new system:

  • Directs more money to high need students (low income, English Language Learners, and foster youth)
  • Shifts decision-making to local school districts and gives more flexibility over how they spend the funds
  •  Requires Local Control Accountability Plans (PCAPs) and requires parent input 
  • Aligns budgeting with accountability

Though the base grant was increased in the final budget passed by the legislature, it will take several years for school districts to be restored to 2007-08 funding levels. While 2007-08 was a high year for school funding, it is insufficient to provide our students with a 21st century education.   

It is crucial that we continue to advocate for adequate funding for our schools.

By Shereen Walter, Fourth District PTA
Vice President for Advocacy                                                                                     

Orange Leaves September 2013