Fourth District Administrator's Dinner

March 9th was the 4th District PTA's Administrators Dinner at the Grove in Anaheim, where all of the schools with PTA's and PTSA's in all of Orange County and a small portion of Los Angeles County enjoyed an amazing evening. The PTA presidents and/or board memebers invite their principals, school board members and superintendents. 4th District awards units for Creative Membership for a Unit, which Del Cerro Elementary PTA received and Innovative Program went to Trabuco Hills High School.  Fourth District also presented an award to an outstanding teacher and an outstanding administrator. This is a must attend event, and it is a PTA approved expense, so when you are planning your budgets, make sure to add this for 2018.  SVPTA also had quite a few award winners for Membership that were presented at the dinner.  Way to go SVPTA!